Tuesday, December 14, 2004

St. Nikolaus 

Almost every Saturday afternoon sales circulars appear in our mailbox, for the stores in the area. Lots of grocery/dept store ads and electronic stores. I usually look through them, for a few reasons. Often there are grocery items that are cheaper or better quality than what we have at our commissary. Pork, bread, and depending on the season the fruits and vegetables. It is also sometimes interesting to see some items that you have never heard of, or never want to hear of! And then of course we see clothes or toys etc., and always are looking for a good deal on something we may be needing.

So I come across an ad that says on December 6th (which was St. Nikolaus Day) if the children bring a "recht stiefel oder schuhe" (right boot or shoe) to the store St. Nikolaus will fill it with treats. Well, I just had to take Jacob to do this --- I mean how could I pass that up? So we went to the store, and I needed some items anyway. There were quite a few kids there and we waited for Nikolaus to come to Jacob, and then he was speaking to Jacob in German. Of course - Jacob was frozen no matter what langauge Nikolaus spoke. Jacob stood there holding out his little red boot, not moving a muscle but grinning like crazy. I clued Nikolaus in on the fact that Jacob spoke English, so he got to the business of filling the boot. And fill it he did! With nuts, chocolate, even an orange. It was really fun, we stood around for a while and watched the other kids visit with him as well.

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