Wednesday, December 29, 2004

Another day, another snow shower 

Not much to report from Germany, things have been very quiet this week. Most of our "regularly scheduled activities" are on hold until after the holidays. So we have just been hanging out. We've had snow about every other day, so Jacob and I have been outside enjoying that. Kenny has another 3 day weekend coming up, so that will be fun. We hope to go somewhere in January, before cabin fever sets in. Just not sure where yet, depends on his schedule and the weather of course.

Today Jacob and I went to Moebel-Pilipp in Ansbach, it is a huge furniture store. Not that we needed any furniture, we were just there for the play area. It was really crowded, there were a whole lot of people there with the same idea as us. There just aren't a whole lot of indoor play options, so we went there. After he was worn out of sliding into the ball pit, we looked around, and got a big basket for all of Jacob's toy cars while we were there. They keep multiplying while we sleep ...there are quite a few of them. Luckily most of them are little so the basket should keep them contained. Usually there are a few lurking around, just waiting for us to walk through late at night. One of those in the arch of your foot really wakes you up, that's for sure!

We are really missing the sunshine, haven't seen it in quite a while. I forgot just how gray the winter is here. And it's dark from about 4:30pm until 7am, which makes me want to hibernate. But it's almost January, and then it won't be long until spring. And the spring here is amazing, and worth the wait. So I just keep that in mind....

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