Monday, October 25, 2004

We had the greatest weather over the weekend, so we made sure to enjoy it. Saturday we had lunch downtown, and lingered over coffee and ice cream while it was still warm enough to sit outside. And then on Sunday we went to the Nuernberg Zoo which was really nice. We were surprised at the size of it, we really didn't realize it was so big. And it has a whole lot of animals, for some reason we weren't expecting the variety. It is landscaped like you are in the woods, and then all of a sudden there are some elephants. Very enjoyable to walk around. It was really crowded, and I was talking with a man that was waiting in line with us. I asked him why was it so crowded, and if it was a special day? He said, "the sun is out, it is warm and is October. It is a very special day in Germany". I thought that was pretty funny, although we were following along that same line of thought. The sun was shining so we had to do something, we were not going to waste a sunny day inside!

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