Friday, October 15, 2004

Saturday Afternoon, Austria 

We arrived in Feldkirch, Austria a little after noon, and had about an hour to walk around before our rooms were ready. We were all eager to get to our rooms to have a nap, it was a long night on the bus. We checked out a little bit of the town, and then claimed our room key. It was a nice room, and we took a nap until it was time to meet for dinner. This was the view from our window.

We met most of our group in the lobby and walked across the street to the Schattenburg Castle. We were taken on a great tour of the castle, through about 10 different rooms. It was especially nice because you were able to touch and inspect the furniture, wall hangings etc. Normally the rooms are either empty, or you can't really get too close to the furniture. Our guide gave us lots of info about all the rooms, and we were able to take our time looking at everything. After our tour we all went into the restaurant there for dinner, "Schattenburg Schnitzel". Their special preparation of schnitzel, which was tasty, but really just like every other schnitzel! We sat with a nice group of people and were nosy enough to find out a little about each of them. Very enjoyable evening. Afterwards, we walked back down to the hotel, into our room and off to bed. We were due downstairs for breakfast at 7am so we didn't want to stay up too late.

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