Tuesday, October 12, 2004

Just wanted to put a quick post on the blog, but I'm not quite ready to post all about the trip yet. I have to sort through my pictures, and there are a lot of them. Kay and I had a great time on the bus tour we went on, although we were exhausted by the end. She flew out of Frankfurt this morning, and should arrive in Tennessee late afternoon today (Tuesday).

Jacob seems to be coming down with yet another cold, so we are just hanging out today. Watching tv, coloring, and playing with blocks. It's really sunny out, but only about 50 degrees right now. Pretty cool out there, but pretty. The trees are turning some, but they don't seem to get the vivid colors we got in Tennessee. Also, it seems like most of the forests are evergreens so obviously they don't turn.

I will hopefully post tonight about our trip!

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