Sunday, October 17, 2004

Just a quick update to let you know that I have finally gotten the pictures from Kay's visit up on our photosite. I will try to finish up the last day of the tour soon --- promise!

Also, there are a few new pictures of Jacob in the "Everyday Pics" album.

You can always go look at the photo album by clicking the link up on the left side of the blog, everything is divided up into chapters so it's pretty easy to browse.

We had a nice weekend, but it was pretty cold. We went shopping downtown and found Jacob a warm winter coat and a few other things. And then at the mall they were having a wine fest (inside!) and had a great band. So we listened to them for a while and then finished up some grocery shopping. (There is a huge grocery store in the mall) It was really crowded, the gloomy weather gave everyone the same idea I guess. Today we took the dogs for a walk in the field behind us, we don't always take all three at the same time. They love it back there, we let them off their leashes and let them run themselves all over the place. Jacob is usually in charge of holding Chloe's leash now, so it's not as hard to take them all as it used to be. Everyone went to sleep early, I guess the cold air and the exercise made them tired!

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