Sunday, October 31, 2004

Happy Halloween! 

Isn't he the cutest Tigger ever!!?? We had a great weekend, the weather wasn't too cold and we even saw the sun a little. Friday night we went downtown, as usual. Seems to be our standard Friday night entertainment. Always a good time though, and so enjoyable. Jacob knows his way around down there now, and runs straight for Tali's Kebap Haus.

Saturday we had some friends over for pizza and then trick-or-treating. Some of the Americans in our neighborhood got us organized and passed out a list of which homes were participating so we could just trick-or-treat here. It was so much fun, Jacob and his friend Jonas had the best time. A few of the German neighbors joined in and that was great too. Halloween is just starting to pick up here, mainly costume parties and candy. We didn't realize how much until Sunday!

Today (Sunday) we went to a bird show and then walked around the Hofgarten in Ansbach. They were the royal gardens at one time, and even in the fall are beautiful. We wandered around there for a while, then on home. Tonight we were visited by swarms of German kids trick-or-treating, apparently they have figured out how it works. It was fun, Jacob loved handing out candy. We put him in his Tigger suit and he roared at everyone coming to the door. The kids gave this long phrase in German, still not quite sure what it was. But then some of them said "Trick or treat - smell my feet - give me something good to eat" which was pretty hysterical in their German accents. And then they all said Thank you, either in English or German. We really had fun seeing them. I was finishing decorating some cookies and some of the kids saw them, so I offered them some. They took them, I guess they aren't afraid of the homemade treats like we are in the U.S. That's a nice thing.

The fall colors are pretty here, not quite as vivid as Tennessee but still nice. The vineyards look like patchwork quilts with their neat squares of green, gold and red. There is cabbage for sale everywhere, there are little wheelbarrows and crates all along the road. Red and green, for about 80 cents a head. Usually on the honor system. There is still quite a bit in the fields too, I can't imagine what they will do with all this cabbage! Kenny says "sauerkraut, sauerkraut and more sauerkraut!" He's probably right.

Now I have to get packed to head to Florida/Tenn! I probably won't post until I get back, since this is "Adventures in Deutschland" after all.

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