Tuesday, October 19, 2004

Bus Tour, Sunday morning (last day) 

We were on the bus at 7:45 after breakfast at the hotel, and on our way to the Island of Mainau. This is an island that has a moderate climate, so they have wonderful gardens all year round. I have wanted to visit it for quite some time, so was excited to finally be going there. It is located in Lake Constance, which is called the Bodensee here in Germany. It is a huge lake that has shoreline in Austria, Switzerland and Germany. There are lots of fruits and vegetables grown in the region, we were able to see that as we drove along the lake to the island.

Kay and I decided to walk around the island by ourselves, instead of going with the guide. We had a map and figured we couldn't get too lost, it wasn't a big island! We saw some nice statues, and beautiful views. The dahlias were in full bloom, and some of the trees were turning. We also visited the butterfly house, which was pretty neat. Tons of butterflies, and stifling heat and humidity in there. It felt like I was home in Florida for a little while. Our time on the island went by pretty quickly, and we were the last ones back on the bus. And then we were on our way to our next stop.

Remember I told you about the people sitting in front of us that had a little too much to drink? Well this morning two of them were sleeping, and the other two were awake and already drinking. Particularly one guy, he was guzzling from a bottle of Jagermeister. (If you've never heard of it, it is described as a "herbal-flavored bitter german liqueur, made from a blend of over 50 herbs, fruits and spices" Has alcohol level of 35%, pretty potent stuff) We knew this couldn't end well, he was drinking the stuff straight out of the bottle like water. He was pretty jolly when we got to the island, but when we got back on the bus, he was bent over a bag for the rest of the afternoon. His girlfriend kept talking about his motion sickness, we got a laugh out of that. The group of them was pretty quiet the rest of the trip, just sleeping off their hangovers I suppose!

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