Thursday, September 09, 2004

Well, I have a lot to blog so I figured I would just get started now. I'll just start at the beginning, going to pick Toni (Kenny's Mom) up at the airport. I left and headed down towards Munich, smooth sailing for about 45 minutes - then traffic just stopped. Really, it wasn't moving at all! So we sat for a while then started to move an inch at a time, I was there for about an hour, traveled about 10 kilometers in that hour. While sitting there I saw lots of motorcycles buzzing down the center of the road, from all over Europe. A group went by from Holland and some of them had wooden shoes strapped on the back of their bikes with their luggage. That isn't something you see every day. The stau (traffic jam) appeared to be due to construction and a minor fender-bender. Not nearly enough destruction that we should have been stuck for so long. So I finally get moving again and realize I have about 15 minutes to drive what normally takes an hour. No question that I'm going to be late, but at least I'm on the way again. I'm almost to the exit for the airport and --- you guessed it, another stau. This one isn't quite as bad, only about 20 minutes long. Needless to say we were happy to arrive at the airport and find Toni, and she was happy we finally made it. The trip home was not nearly as bad, but still slow due to lots of volume on the roads. If you picture the German autobahns as wide open, fast moving highways, that is not the case. They are usually just like US interstates with everyone going a little faster. And not always, because around big cities they bog down just as much. Just too many cars and not enough road. We made it home and had a couple days before we headed off to Belgium, I will post again real soon!

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