Monday, September 27, 2004

the weekend 

We had another quiet weekend, just hanging out and catching up on some things around the house. We all went downtown Saturday morning to the market, I was looking for some berries for dessert that evening. It was cool and misty and gray, but still quite crowded. We have this plastic thing to put over Jacob's stroller for the rain, plus keeps the wind off him a bit. He likes it inside there, and didn't want me to open it up. I had to pass his ice cream inside it! It is a tradition, he can't go downtown without having a scoop of icecream. The good thing is that they believe in moderation here, so "ein kugel" (one scoop) is about 1/2 the size of an American scoop of ice cream. We also picked up some mums and pumpkins to put on the front porch. When we were here last time you would see a little bit of fall decorations in the stores, but no Halloween stuff. They just didn't do that here. But apparently it's catching on, there are pumpkins and Halloween decorations everywhere. We are wondering if there will be kids coming around looking for candy? We will have some just in case. For some reason the military post can't leave the date as it is, they have decided trick or treating is on Saturday from 4pm-6pm. Jacob is going to be a tiger, I found him a Tigger costume at the P/X. When he saw it, he said "No Mommy, a tiger, not tigger!" I convinced him that we could leave off the tigger hat and make it a scary tiger costume instead. Although the next day he said he wanted to be a crocodile instead so we'll see.

We had some German friends over Saturday night for dinner, we made seafood and they loved it. They travel to Florida every year and rave about the seafood, so that's why we had that. Jacob is coming down with a cold, so we are hanging around the house today. And this weekend our good friend Kay is coming to Germany, from Tennessee. We are really excited, this will be her first visit to Germany. Can't wait to show her around and see what she thinks of it.

That's it for now, here is Jacob at the flower field down the road. We were checking out the pumpkins they had for sale there.

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