Wednesday, September 22, 2004

Wednesday, Locking up the boat and driving home 

Wednesday morning we woke up, and packed up, ready to head home. Kenny and I walked up to the metro station, and caught a train up to where we parked the car. Toni and Jacob stayed on the boat, to meet the owner and give her back the keys. We had to wait a bit for the train and finally got to the Amsterdam Arena, home to the soccer team AFC Ajax and of course the Amsterdam Admirals. Did anyone (that hasn't lived over here) know that they had an American style football league? Well, now you know ... I'm not sure how popular it is, but it obviously is still behind soccer in Europe. Anyway, we picked up the truck and headed back into the city to the boat. Of course the easy route we took on Sunday was gone, there was construction completely blocking the road. So we had to take a few turns, ended up crossing the Amstel river a couple times and finally got to where we needed to be. The lady that owned the boat took the keys and we were off.

We were hoping to do something else that morning, but decided we had a long ride ahead of us and thought it would be better to get on the road. There is still a lot of construction on the autobahns and you never know when you will come across a "stau". We only ran into a couple of them, and none were too long. We finally made it home and unpacked, then collapsed into bed. This was a great trip, we saw a lot and really enjoyed Amsterdam.

The next day Jacob, Toni and I went to downtown Ansbach to shop a little, and then Friday Toni headed home to see what was left of Florida after Charley and Frances. (Ivan hadn't hit at that point, he was only threatening)

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