Monday, September 13, 2004

Monday, Amsterdam Zoo 

Monday morning we set out for the Artis Zoo, located within the city of Amsterdam. It is a surprisingly big zoo, for it's location. It wasn't crowded at all so we were able to take our time and really look around at everything. Jacob liked the petting zoo (always one of his favorites), and got to see some monkeys wash their fruit before eating it. The elephants were being rowdy and making a lot of noise, scared Jacob a little until he got used to it We also got to see the pelicans and the sea lions be fed. We had lunch while we were there, and then headed back to the boat so Jacob could take a nap. While Jacob napped, Kenny and Toni headed out to some indoor antique markets to see what they could find. I took a book up on the deck of the boat and alternated between reading and watching the boats go by on the canal. It was really an enjoyable thing to do, seems like there are always boats going by. Very relaxing! Kenny and Toni brought back some italian food for dinner, and Jacob finally woke up. After we ate and hung around for a while, we decided it was time for ice cream. So we walked along the canals to the Leidseplein, and had some Ben & Jerry's ice cream. Yes, there is a Ben & Jerry's in Amsterdam. (We actually found one in Paris a few years ago as well). Nothing like a little taste of good old American ice cream! We people watched and ate our ice cream in the Leidseplein for a while, and then wandered on back to the boat. Once again it was time for bed.

Oh, but first we all took turns getting a shower, and I have to share the mechanics of this. Maybe this is common on boats, but it was new to me. The bathroom was small with a sink and a toilet, and a shower head on the wall. The floor was a thick vinyl, with a drain in the back corner. When you wanted to shower, you pulled a curtain in front of the door, and one in front of the toilet. So you were basically in a small square area with the sink. Then you just turned on the shower and showered right there. When you were done, there was a squeegee to clear/dry the floors. But inevitably, the next person in to use the bathroom always got their socks wet, it just wasn't possible to get the floor completely dry.

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