Wednesday, September 15, 2004

Busy busy busy 

I know I still have to finish up the Holland trip, but we have had such a busy week. Seems like a week full of stuff and it's only Wednesday! I have had two dentist appts, and another doctor appt. (None serious, just routine stuff that somehow all ended up in the same week.) Yesterday we had the "Fall Kickoff" for the PWOC Bible Study. Sounds like the beginning of football season, but a fun way to start it off. We talked about our theme for the year, and discussed the 4 Bible studies that will be ongoing until spring. Made some bracelets and enjoyed lunch together, it was a really nice morning. Jacob was in his kid's class that day, on Monday and Friday he was at the CDC. (Nice isn't it --- and fitting, the Child Development Center and the Centers for Disease Control have the same initials.) He seemed to have a good time at the CDC although he wasn't about to lay on a mat and go to sleep during nap time. Who can blame him, he's used to a nice comfy bed in a dark room. He called it "school" today, so I guess he thinks he is going to school when he goes there. The weather has been cloudy and cooler, but then there will be a couple hours of bright beautiful sunshine to warm it up. Certainly nothing to complain about. My doctor today found it amazing that we could come from Florida and enjoy the weather here. I'm guessing he didn't visit Florida in the August heat!

Things should slow down the rest of the week, I should be able to finish up the Amsterdam trip.

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