Monday, August 16, 2004

We went to Wildpark Bad Mergentheim on Friday with some friends from my bible study. It was about an hours drive from the house and was really great. Not too big and lots for the kids to do. All the animals were in natural settings, seemed like you were walking through the woods the whole time. In the picture, Jacob was trying to climb the fence to go see some chickens that were running around in the woods. They had a petting zoo and a nice playground, we all brought lunch and had a picnic. We had a big rainstorm while we were there, but luckily it only lasted about 15 minutes. Then the skies cleared up again. I will post some pictures on the photo site of the zoo a little later. Kenny has been working all weekend, they had a project that needed to get finished over the weekend. We did find time to go to the Kirchweih fest here in Wolframs-Eschenbach, it was very small but had all the things a fest normally has. A few rides, food and a beer tent with music. We saw most of our neighbors, it appeared that everyone in town was there. It was just outside the old city walls, so we were able to walk down to it and hang out for a little while.

On a happier note, quite a few of the deployed soldiers have been able to come home for their R&R trips. At church on Sunday a friend had her husband with her, and one of Jacob's playmates has his Dad home right now. I don't think everyone gets the R&R but it is really great for the ones that do. Hopefully most will be able to get the 2 weeks at home with their families.

The weather has been hot, then we had one cold day (high of about 60) and now it is just nice! Not too hot and not too cold, and lots of sunshine. Hope this hangs around for more than today!

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