Sunday, August 29, 2004

Over the weekend we went to another open-air museum, just a 1/2 hour from the house. This one had typical buildings from this area, it was actually very different than the one we went to in the Black Forest. Interesting to compare the differences in the way the homes/barns were built for different purposes in different regions. It's a huge tract of land, with many homes they have moved there. Most have gardens and even some farm animals to give you an idea of how the farms worked at that time. When we first arrived there was a shepherd with his flock, and his sheep dog, in the parking lot. They were doing a great job of trimming the grass, and that dog was really busy. I took a few pictures, I will try and get them up in the next few days. It was really fun to watch the dog herd the sheep, and the sheep could care less that we were there. There were a few of them fighting over an apple, we had to drag Jacob out of the way since they were about to run him over trying to get at that apple.

We mowed our yard that afternoon and thought that it would have been nice to have the sheep over instead. We shouldn't have to mow much more, it is cooling down enough that the grass is slowing down.

Friday, Jacob and I went to the Playmobil Park again, Jacob had a blast. We went with some friends from bible study, it was a fun trip. If you remember, we had gone when my Mom was here back in May. It was warmer this time so Jacob was able to do some more, plus he is a little bigger. He climbs much higher now, and wants to go to the top of everything. And he loves to play in their giant sand pit!

This week Kenny's Mom arrives, Jacob is very excited. We will be traveling for a few days and then back home the rest of the time, so I will post when I can. Just thought I would let everyone know in case I didn't put up a new post for a while.

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