Tuesday, August 17, 2004

Last night the Kirchweih fest ended with a bang, actually about 20 minutes worth. I could see the fireworks from our upstairs window and they were really good. Also really loud, but that's to be expected. I ran into a friend and her husband at the barber shop today, they live down inside the old town area. So they were even closer to the fireworks than we were. We were discussing how long they lasted and why they were having them. Her husband (who is home from Iraq on a 2 week R&R pass) said it sounded a lot like listening to the mortars fly at your camp in Iraq, but at least you are pretty sure the Germans aren't shooting them at you. So the fireworks are more enjoyable in that aspect.
I'm sure he was thrilled to hear that start up outside his window while he's home trying to have some R&R....

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