Friday, August 06, 2004

After Jacob had a nap, or "a little rest" as he likes to call it, we went out for some more fun. We went to the rodelbahn, which is like a bobsled without snow. I posted about one last month I think, they are a ton of fun. You hop on your cart and you are towed up the hill, like a roller coaster. Then at the top you are released and on your way down. You can control the brakes with a lever on the cart, and that's all there is to it. Jacob loved it, we had to do it a couple times. We had some dinner, and then headed downtown to window shop and have some ice cream. We weren't aware but they were having a parade that evening, and we were in the perfect viewing area for it. It was great, lots of the traditional Bavarian clothing and music. There are more pics of the parade on the photo site as well, link is in previous posts or up on sidebar. The parade was such fun, Jacob was pretty impressed. He wanted to march the rest of the night just like the people in the parade. After it was over we headed back to the hotel for bed.

The next morning we woke up and had breakfast, then checked out and headed for
Munich Zoo. It's a really big and sprawling zoo, and got very crowded as the day went on. I can't think of anything that made it stand out from other zoos, although the "American animal" section was interesting. Never really thought about America having a section at the zoo. There were bison and longhorn steer, animals like that. There was a goat feeding area, and like all goat feeding areas the goats were very pushy. But friendly, I think Jacob touched every single one in the pen. It got really hot, so we finished up and headed for home. Of course, the dreaded "STAU" signs were flashing again so we had a slow ride home, but at least we were in the comfortable a/c. It was a great weekend, weather was good, we did so many fun things.

We have been busy this week going to the schwimmbad, downtown market, and Bible study. No big plans for the weekend, just hanging around the house.

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