Monday, July 12, 2004

A week has passed and now I need to catch up I guess. Bible study started back up on post so Jacob and I went there on Tuesday morning, there were a lot of people there! And then the Kirchweih fest started in Ansbach. It originally celebrated the church, although I don't really think that is the point now. Lots of rides and a big tent with music, food and of course beer. 1 Liter mugs are the normal size, that's a whole lot of beer! Jacob can't even lift the thing it's so big, we have to give him a straw so he can drink it. (joking of course!) We went there for a little while on Friday night, they had a big Ferris wheel which quickly became Jacob's favorite ride.

On Saturday my Aunt Ini and Uncle Gerrit stopped by for dinner, they were on their way home from vacation in Switzerland. They visited for a few hours and we had a really nice visit. Unfortunately I forgot to take any pictures, I couldn't believe it. Jacob really enjoyed their visit, he thought they were coming again the next day at dinner time.

Sunday we went to a friend's house ( Gerda & Hartmut Tieke) to pick cherries. They have a huge tree loaded with them, so Kenny picked us a big bucketful. Now we have more cherries than we know what to do with. And the tree is still completely full. Jacob watched Kenny from the ground and ran all around their yard while Kenny picked. I picked some raspberries from some other bushes in her yard. She also has pears that will be ready in September, all in her backyard.

That afternoon we went back to the fest for another ride on the ferris wheel, and Jacob rode a pony for the first time. He really liked that, I thought he might be scared but he wasn't. We had to do it twice, and he named the pony on the second ride. Spots was it's name. I took a few pictures at the fest, mainly of Jacob on the pony ride.

That was it for the weekend, this morning we got the tags for Kenny's car so he is ready to go. Here is a picture of it, it's a 99 BMW. In really good shape, only one owner before us. Kenny is excited to have something a little more reliable than before, and it can be automatic or standard so I can drive it too. Don't ask me how it can do both, I only know how to put it in drive, reverse, and park.

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