Monday, July 05, 2004

We had a really nice weekend, the fest was lots of fun. Saturday morning we went to the scrapyard so Kenny could finalize the paperwork on his car, and get the plates off of it. And then we did a few things around post that we kept putting off. That afternoon we headed out to the fest and enjoyed it the best we could in the cold weather. No feeling of summer there! We made a stop at the mall on the way home to grab some dinner, it was just too cold to eat outside at the fest. And we needed some things from the hardware store there, it's very much like Lowes or Home Depot. The next day (4th of July) we went back to the fest later in the evening, about 7:30. It doesn't start to get dark until 10 pm so we didn't want to have to wait too long for the fireworks. The weather was much nicer than the previous day, although we did need light jackets once the sun started going down. It was perfect timing, we went on rides and visited with some people. Then had something to eat, rides again and then the fireworks started. Jacob was very impressed with the fireworks, and was quite disappointed when they ended. Then we made our way home and put a very sleepy kid in bed at 11:30!

Today we went and looked at a car for Kenny, he thinks he has found the one he wants. I will post some pics once we actually bring it home, in case he changes his mind. I put the pictures from the fest on the photo site, they are from the whole weekend.

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