Sunday, July 18, 2004

We did make it out to the fest in Lichtenau today, it was a smaller one than last week. But enough kiddie rides that Jacob had a good time. This is a photo as we were leaving, there are red geraniums hanging on the rails of the bridge. Very pretty as you drive over, although I wonder who takes care of them.  The weather has shifted from very cool to hot, about 90 degrees today.  The house stays pretty cool, we just keep the metal shades down to keep the sun from streaming in.  And that takes care of it.  Also keep all the windows shut, since the air outside is much warmer.   Now that sun has gone down and it is getting cooler we will open it up to let the breeze come through.  If it stays this warm I am hoping to take Jacob to the swimming pool tomorrow.
We drove Kenny's new car up to the PX in Wurzburg today, the first time we have had it out on the autobahn.  You can really tell the difference in a european spec car, it is made for the autobahn.  It's very easy to hit 100mph without realizing it, doesn't feel like you are pushing the car's limits at all.  (Maybe my nerves though!)  And by the way, there were people passing us even then...  

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