Friday, July 02, 2004

Care for a ride on the Zeppelin anyone? This flew overhead a few days ago so Jacob and I stepped outside to watch it go by. I checked their website and you can schedule a ride on it, about $480 per person for a 60 minute ride. It leaves from Switzerland, so I imagine that this was just a "fly-by" for advertising purposes. Pretty neat though, Jacob enjoyed watching it. He loves all things that fly, and everytime we hear something we have to go outside and check it out. This morning a formation of 4 Blackhawk helicopters flew over and he is still talking about it. Here he is pointing out the blimp to me just in case I missed it.

We are both feeling better and ready for the weekend. We have an extra task of looking for a car for Kenny, his died on the way to Mannheim earlier in the week. We went yesterday to pick it up, he managed to get it running again and we just had to make about 10 stops between here and there to add water and fiddle with the engine. We drove it straight to the junkyard, it has seen its last autobahn I'm afraid. We were just happy not to have to resort to getting it towed, one quote he had gotten was 450 Euros, about $550.

We are planning to spend some time at the fest this weekend, and then Kenny has Monday off as well. Hope everyone has a nice 4th of July!

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