Monday, June 07, 2004

The town down the road is having it's 775th Jubilee this year - that's an old town! I think it is a really small town, I'll have to drive by and check it out. I just saw the sign today and it always amazes me how old things are here.

Bavaria (the area of Germany we live in) is mainly a farming region, not as much industry as northern Germany. It is very apparent in our area, there are more tractors than you can imagine. Not a day goes by that I am not behind one on the road, usually more than that. Jacob calls them out as he sees them "red tractor" "orange tractor" "green tractor", so at least it gives him something to do while we are driving.

Today we went by the vet to get Chloe some more vitamins. She has been having some back problems, it got pretty bad a couple weeks ago. She has had acupuncture (yes - you read right) and a cortisone shot. Now she is taking some "natural" supplements for arthritis and her ciatic nerve. But whatever it is seems to be working, she is playing and wagging her tail again.

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