Monday, June 14, 2004

Now that I've had a good nights sleep and a productive day I will post about our weekend trip.

I dropped the dogs off at Frau Krut's Friday morning, which resulted in a whole lot of tears from Jacob. Guess he thought we were giving them away or something. I told him that we were going to the mountains to see waterfalls and he was okay after that. He watches cartoons that have waterfalls in them so he was very interested. Also one has "Froggy rocks" so he thought for sure we would see those too. We left as soon as Kenny came home and headed south. We drove some back roads to the autobahn for about 1/2 hour, just to see some areas we hadn't driven through. We saw some really neat towns that we plan to go back to, one had a castle/fortress up on high hill, really looked interesting. We made it onto the autobahn and headed through Munich. We drove by the Olympic Stadium and soon were entering into Oberau, where our hotel was. Not even three hours so it was an easy trip. We checked in to the Forsthaus and then went downstairs to have some dinner in the restaurant attached to the hotel. It's a good restaurant, serving the typical German fare but a little more variety and great atmosphere. The hotel is really nice too, we had stayed there once before and liked it quite a bit. Lots of Americans stay there, it is owned by an American/German couple. It's small and comfortable and affordable, and if you need anything they are happy to help. Much better than dealing with the crowds at the AFRC (Armed Forces Rec Center) hotels in Garmisch. They have their high points too, but this is more pleasant I think. Anyway, we walked around outside for a little while then headed in and went to bed, ready for Saturday.

When we woke up Saturday it was cloudy and looked like it was going to rain, although it never did more than sprinkle. We drove around and reacquainted ourselves with the town, and also went to see what had changed on the military post there. They have a nice campground, and a great sports store there. It's even better than before, now with a bookstore and coffee shop too. And a gas station which is a nice convenience. They have really reorganized it for the better. We headed to Oberammergau to sightsee a bit, they have really beautiful paintings on the buildings there. All over the area really, but they have a few spectacular ones. No pics this time, we didn't wander around too much. We did visit a Reptile Exhibit, what could be more Bavarian than that? (<--that was a joke) It was really nice actually, and Jacob had a big time. He kept pulling Kenny all over the place showing him all the snakes and turtles and lizards. Kind of located in a strange place, tucked into the middle of the town center. Not what you would expect to see there I guess is my point. After that we drove out into the countryside towards the Austrian border and just enjoyed the mountain views. It is really so beautiful there, it never gets "old" to look at the mountains. We finally headed back to the hotel for lunch and then let Jacob take a nap. After he woke up we went back to the bookstore for some reading material, and then to our favorite restaurant in Garmisch - "Da Renzo" Pizzeria/Ristorante. If you have been to Garmisch with us than you have eaten there, it is awesome. Pizza is made in a stone oven heated by wood, and the pasta dishes are great. The service is super as well, I think that is the best part. Jacob charmed the waiters, and managed to swindle a lollipop out of them. Probably because he told them "Ciao" as we were leaving, they laughed at that... Everyone we've talked to about Garmisch says "while you are there you have to eat at this italian place", it seems to leave an impression on everyone. We windowshopped a little after that, and then headed back to the hotel for the night.
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