Monday, June 28, 2004

I would love to be writing in to tell you something very exciting we have done but unfortunately that is not the case. Jacob had a bad cold, which he passed on to me so we haven't been up to much. The weather has been really nice so at least we can sit outside and soak up the sun while we are both feeling yucky. Kenny has been so busy at work, and is off to another post tomorrow to make some part for the aircraft. Hopefully he will make it back tomorrow night, he may have to stay a couple days to get it finished. Jacob will miss his wrestling partner if Kenny doesn't come home tomorrow, that is their after-dinner activity. This weekend the Army community is having the German-American fest for Fourth of July. Should be a lot of fun, they always used to be. Apparently they haven't had it for a few years due to security measures, but this year it's back! Carnival rides, food, a beer tent with music, and of course fireworks on the 4th. We can't wait!

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