Wednesday, May 05, 2004

We had a thunderstorm last night, first one since we arrived. There has been rain but no thunder. I don't remember a lot of them the last time we were here, must be the weather patterns in Europe. Today since it was raining Jacob and I went to the mall in Ansbach. We managed to get a bicycle for me, now all we need is the trailer for Jacob to ride in that attaches to the back. They were too expensive at the store where we were so maybe tomorrow. I say managed to get a bike because the store was so crowded, maybe the rain sent everyone inside. Today was market day (that was our original plan) but it was just too rainy. I guess everyone had the same plan we did. We also found the best coffee shop so far, I had a vanilla latte that was as good as Starbucks, if not better! I was looking for some weed killer in the hardware store (like Roundup) and they have it all locked up, you have to get someone to open the cabinet and get what you need out. There was such a line I just decided to try somewhere else. I wonder why it is such a secure item? They don't sell Roundup at our PX either, very strange. We saw an accident on the way home, looked like a pedestrian vs. a car. People seem more alert to that here, so that was surprising. There are many more pedestrians and bicyclists sharing the roads than in the US. Also, 4 wheelers (they call them "quads" here) are street legal! They go pretty fast, I saw one the other day on a major road. Very strange to see one going down the road, just like a car...

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