Thursday, May 27, 2004

Time has flown by with Mom here, we have had a really nice time. Seems like I just made the trip to Frankfurt to pick her up, and now I have to make it again tomorrow to drop her off. Jacob has gotten hooked on Oma singing "Old MacDonald had a farm" and tells her which animal to sing about on each verse. He demands it every time we get in the car! We went to Wuerzburg over the weekend and toured the old city. It was very busy down there and lots to see. We started at the Residence which is absolutely beautiful, and huge! There is a church that has elaborate paintings on the ceiling and lots of gilded sculptures. Also, the gardens in the back are really nice, lots of fountains and statues to enjoy. Jacob liked walking through the ivy archways, he thought they were "tree tunnels". He's really into tunnels lately. Then we made our way through the old town, past some cathedrals towards the Alte Mainbruecke. If you continue on over the bridge you can climb the hill to the Fortress Marienberg, we decided to forgo the hike, as one of us would be lugging Jacob up a whole lot of stairs. It's very pretty from the bottom of the hill, too! If you hit the link you can get some idea of the climb, we would be coming from the bottom right of the photo.

After we left there we went on to the Army post in Wuerzburg and showed Mom around there a bit. This is where we go to satisfy a Taco Bell craving, or Kenny's Popeye's Fried Chicken craving. And the PX there has a little more to offer than the one we have here in Ansbach so it's the place to pick up some things we may be lacking.

We then drove back to Wolframs-Eschenbach, Jacob slept the whole way home. I guess all the sightseeing wore him out. I still have a little more to blog about some other things we did, but I have to get up early tomorrow for the drive to Frankfurt....

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