Wednesday, May 12, 2004

The rain has finally stopped and we are able to be outside again. We didn't realize how much time we spent outside until all the rain came.And then we watched the same Blues Clues DVD about 10 times! Jacob has found something he likes better than riding his tricycle--- it's watching Mommy ride her bicycle from the comfort of the bike trailer. He's all set in there with his juice and loves it. There are tons of paths through the fields here, some are paved better than others. Most are only for tractors so you don't have to worry about traffic. But the hills are killer when you're pulling that trailer, other than hills you don't notice it back there. Jacob just says "go fast" and talks about what we see going by. It's a great way to be outside and enjoying the countryside. All the oil spots you see on the driveway are from Kenny's $1000 car, it drives great but leaks oil. He's already gotten his money's worth from it, he bought it in Jan when he arrived rather than renting a car. Eventually he will find something better, we just haven't gotten around to it yet.

Today downtown I saw some political signs, they are gearing up here for a big election for representatives for the EU (that is what I'm taking from the signs). Some are very blatant - "EU without Turkey" which is a big issue in the EU. I guess the politics are the same all over, I sure don't miss the TV ads.

The market downtown is bustling on Weds with fruits, veggies, cheese, bread, meats and tons of flowers and garden plants. Really nice to wander and all the vendors are really nice. I got some eggs straight from the chicken farm, the yolks were really yellow. Not sure why but I couldn't decide if it was better or not. Although at the commissary the eggs come from Denmark and they are dirtier than what you get in the U.S. Still just eggs - can't imagine there is that much difference. The vegetables and fruit are much better from the market, mainly because they are more fresh. So you have a little more "counter time" when you bring them home. And a lot more to choose from which is nice.

Mom (Nel) arrives on Friday, and then we are headed to Holland for a few days. So if I don't post, that is why. Hopefully we will have nice weather for the drive up there.

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