Sunday, May 23, 2004

Now for some more about our trip. We left Monday morning and made the drive up there, the weather and scenery was beautiful. We checked in our hotel, the Valk Hengelo. This is the second Valk hotel we've stayed at and they are wonderful hotels. Then we went over for a nice dinner to Ini and Gerrit's.
The next morning we went to Winterswijk and visited Mom's family's old housekeeper, Anna, and then on to the windmill for pancakes. There was a huge playground which Jacob explored thoroughly, it was nice weather for it. We sat outside and ate our lunch while he played and wandered around. (this is where the dropped camera happened :( I'm already on the hunt for a new one) Then we drove all around the countryside while Jacob took a nap. He demanded that Ini sit next to him while we rode around, and she thought that was really something. Then on to the town of Winterswijk to visit a cousin (Fritz) in his store and have some ice cream on the square. It was enormous ice cream, I have a picture to post later. Finally on to our final destination, another cousin's (Derek and his wife Ina) interior design and furniture shop, and on to their home for dinner. They live out in the country in a farmhouse that has been converted in to a home. The main barn area is the living room, it is so beautiful. The setting is very peaceful too. Jacob had a good time with their two dogs, and playing in the yard. We had a nice dinner there with them and then back to our hotel for the night.
The next day Mom went by train to Amsterdam to see her cousin Nannie, and Jacob and I stayed behind to just relax. Jacob and I went to some stores around the hotel and took a long nap, it was very nice. Mom had a nice time with Nannie and then had a very eventful train ride home. Trains weren't running due to various reasons and she had to take the "stop train" part of the way (which does just that - stops in every little town!). We expected her at 7pm and she didn't come in the hotel until 11pm!
The next morning Ini and Gerrit came to join us for breakfast at the hotel and then we were on our way back to Germany. Our ride home was nice except for my getting "flashed" by a camera on the side of the road. It's like a little State Trooper in a box, and instead of getting pulled over, your ticket comes to you in the mail later on. I'm hoping it doesn't find me, but it probably will. Contrary to popular belief there are speed limits on the autobahn (not all over, just in certain areas) and apparently I was speeding.
This was the first time ever for a ticket, so I've done pretty good. Kenny says people at his work collect them so not to worry. So, that was the Holland trip...we've also made a trip to Wurzburg but I'll post that later. Jacob is loving having his Oma here and Kenny and I are enjoying that too...

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