Monday, May 31, 2004

Mom got safely home, we have been relaxing over the long weekend. Not doing too much, just hanging around the house. We went to a coworker of Kenny's birthday party over the weekend. They have so many toys in their backyard that Jacob thought it was a park. And Jacob seems to have lost some of his shyness, he was saying Hi to everyone. And he didn't stop until they said Hi back... Jacob also did some painting today for the first time and loved it. We have fingerpainted before but he was never real wild about that. Today I let him use some watercolors and he didn't want to stop. He did it for about an hour and then we finally headed back upstairs for lunch.

I still haven't posted the last few things we did while Mom was here, so I will give a quick rundown of a couple of our daytrips. We went to the "Altstadt" (Oldtown) fest in Ansbach. It's down in the city center with a few kiddie rides, food and music. We didn't stay too long because the weather had forgotten it was May. It felt like November, but only for a couple days. Cold wind and gray skies, so we just did a few rides and wandered around for a little while. We also went one morning to Rothenburg ob der Tauber which is a tourist mecca in Germany. But for good reason, it is a walled city that "time" forgot so it's been preserved. We walked all around and did some shopping. When we arrived it was not so crowded, but by lunchtime when we were leaving it was getting overrun with tour groups. It's only about a 1/2 hour from the house so it's easy to go early in the morning and be gone before it gets too busy. And of course we went into Ansbach, and wandered around there some too. One evening Kenny and I went to dinner while Mom kept Jacob, and we hit our favorite steak restaurant again.

I added a few pics to the photo site, here is a link. I used a scanner so they aren't the best, and I will be adding some more in a few days. We got the photos developed in a camera shop in the mall. They would be ready the next day, but only single prints. If you want doubles that takes a few more days. But here's what doesn't make sense. If you bring in negatives for reprints that only takes one day.... so why couldn't they just print two at the same time when you originally get them developed? Really strange I thought. So, I will have some more pictures to scan in a few days.

I still haven't gotten a new camera, but I have decided that will be our best bet. It's going to cost too much to get mine fixed, and takes a long time as well. So now I'm back to trying to figure out which one I want, there are way too many to choose from. Since this will be our third one, I at least know some of the features that are important to me, so I hope to narrow it down that way.

Hope everyone is having a safe and relaxing Memorial Day.

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