Saturday, May 08, 2004

I was driving home the other day and saw this little old man pushing a wheelbarrow up the hill in the rain, with some effort. I thought to myself "poor guy, looks like a lot of work. Especially in the rain! Wonder what he's hauling..." As I pass him I look in the wheelbarrow and see ---- a rack of beer! Guess he thought it was worth it LOL A rack of beer is about the size of a milk crate, and they are bottles, bigger than American bottles of beer.

Kenny and I enjoyed dinner Friday night at La Rustika which is an awesome steak restaurant in Ansbach. Jacob stayed with a neighbor girl, Katherine. We had a nice time, and Jacob kept Katherine entertained. He was sad to see her leave when we got home. The FruhlingFest (spring fest) is downtown this weekend, full of rides and carnival games. If the rain holds off we may check it out, if the rain doesn't stop soon I won't be surprised to see an ark float by.....

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