Tuesday, April 27, 2004

What's new with us? Not a whole lot except daily life, but that is okay too! We had a daschund from down the street come and have a doggie "playgroup" today, we have a fenced in field next to our yard so they all ran around and played. Of course all the neighbors came out to watch, because it was 4 daschunds and a two year old running around in the field. All of our neighbors are very nice, and most of the kids speak English because they learn it in school. The family around the corner has a guinea pig they keep in their yard, and today we went by to see it and the girl brought it over to Jacob and gave him some flowers to feed it. He was thrilled! And Jacob made me a Mother's Day card during Bible Study today, he was very proud of it. Very cute, they really do fun things with them there. He keeps getting complimented on his glue stick skill, apparently he's a natural with it... (that's what they tell me)

We managed to make Cuban sandwiches last night, our ingredients were far from traditional but they came out pretty good. I had made some Cuban Roast Pork Saturday night, so we used that. Then some German Ham (like black forest ham) and some Swiss cheese, German mustard and french bread. Can't even imagine calling it a Cuban sandwich with all that, but we enjoyed them. And I still don't have a heavy enough bacon press so we used a flat rock from the garden wrapped in tinfoil.

Kenny has been fishing a few times, and has brought home some trout for us. Jacob pretends to fish with a stick, I imagine when he's a bit older he will really enjoy fishing with his Daddy. Right now he "fishes" for a few minutes, then wants to check out the ducks and the playground.

Kenny had been working long days, so we really don't have time to do a whole lot. And then on the weekends it is nice to just relax and enjoy the nice weather. We have been taking Jacob to downtown Ansbach for italian ice cream (gelati) and he really likes that. Always something interesting to see there, whether it's in the shop windows or the people.

So, that's us for now....

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