Thursday, April 22, 2004

Well, today I decided to go see our landlady. We had a few minor things we needed worked out and were getting nowhere through a third party. So I decided to head over to her house and see what we could figure out. I was a little concerned over her lack of English and my lack of German, but we seemed to do fine. Although I'm still not sure if everything is worked out LOL! But I did get our mailbox key, and our recycling bins, and explained that part of the shower door is, well, "ganz Kaputt". And Jacob got some candy so he had a good time. I'm glad I went, she is much nicer than I remember from my jet lag haze of our first meeting. Jacob and I then headed up to the Army post to get a paper and some supplies for dinner --- Fajitas on the grill! Perfect grilling weather today, and they came out great. Salsa, guacamole, who would know we weren't in Texas?

While we were out on our regular tricycle tour of the neighborhood today we stopped at a yard where some people have a great big dog, a rabbit, and a chicken. Jacob was very interested in the rabbit, so we were saying rabbit, rabbit food etc and the little girl that lives there says "You speak English? I tell you what it is in German - it's a hase" (not sure if I spelled that right!) "Say Hase say Hase!!!" Jacob said "Hase" and looked at me like he thought she was a little crazy, being as she was speaking rather loudly. She was funny and once she stopped yelling Hase at us it was better. That will now be one of the scheduled stops on our tour, along with the guinea pig that some other people keep in a pen in the middle of their yard, and a daschund named Emma down the road. Oh, and the bees that someone has in their backyard. All together this neighborhood is like a mixed up zoo or something. You just never know what someone will have in their yard, I guess they don't have the same types of zoning here.

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