Thursday, April 01, 2004

The weather is making the change into spring, and it is so nice outside. We stay out there as much as possible, it's just too pretty to sit in the house. Even the dogs want to stay outside, which is unusual for them. This is Chloe's idea of fun, laying on the warm pavement! We aren't doing a whole lot, next weekend we have a trip planned to Holland so we are waiting for that. After all the moving and running around it is nice to just relax and enjoy the long days (we already had Daylight Savings Time).

Jacob and I went to the toy store today and purchased some summer toys for him, and a tricycle. He has been wanting one for a while, even tried a couple times to take off on some other kid's trikes. So we found him a nice one today, with a long handle on the back so we can push/steer him easily. There is a sales tax here of apx 16% on most items, but it is included in the posted price. So you pay exactly what the sticker says. But we (as Military ID card holders) have a form we can present that allows us not to pay the tax. It's really only worthwhile if you spend over about 60 euros, since the form itself costs a few dollars. And it takes a few minutes for them to fill out, so you obviously wouldn't use it for a small purchase. But it saved me 20 Euro today! (apx $27) The salesclerk was showing another clerk how to fill out the form, so it took a little longer. When she was done she said she was sorry I had to wait and loaded Jacob up with some freebie coloring books and small toys, he was more enthused with those than the new bike.... Instant gratification I suppose.

There are a few new pictures on the photosite, you can go there thru the link in the sidebar "Photo Album". I made an album of some miscellaneous pictures of Jacob and us, no theme to it!

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