Thursday, April 15, 2004

We haven't been doing a whole lot, just going to Bible study and playing outside. The weather has been wonderful, so we spend a lot of time outside. It is Jacob's favorite place to be. I am going to Poland this weekend on a one day "shopping" tour. It is a bus trip run by the recreation department on post. I thought I would go and check out how the area has changed since we were there last. I've heard that they are really cashing in on the popularity of the pottery with the Americans and have opened up alot more shops. We'll see, it's a long drive but at least someone else is doing the driving!

We really had a nice time on our trip to Holland, the people there are very friendly and helpful. No struggling with the language, they happily speak English especially if you attempt to speak Dutch. The trains are like those in Germany, on time and clean. The conductors on our train to Amsterdam were great, we had to buy our tickets on the train as the machine at the station only took coins and we had paper money. So they got us all fixed up and were giving us tips about the city. While we were looking at the door of the historical Museum, a lady stopped by and was telling us about the history of the building. Just to be nice I guess!

Jacob is loving his time at Kid's Class while I'm in Bible study. They stay so busy and he brings home a new art project every time. He looks forward to it, and loves the teacher. So that is a blessing for both of us. And he comes home so tired he takes a long nap too :) Can't beat that!

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