Friday, April 30, 2004

Tomorrow is May, seems like we just got Kenny off on the plane to Germany in January! Time just flies by and there is nothing you can do to slow it down. We went downtown this afternoon to have dinner at one of the cafes with tables outside. The reason it is such a nice thing is that Jacob can run around while we eat (it's generally car free, a few rogue vehicles show up but they are going slow, dodging clothes racks and pedestrians). We usually bribe him with an ice cream to keep him busy although today he preferred chasing the pigeons. Then we were sitting by a fountain and letting him mess around there and he was taking leaves and dropping them in. Watching which way they would go and manipulating these paddles to change the current. It was amazing to see him doing this, when not that long ago he was just learning to walk and make his way around the living room. He had a great time, and we did too. We got him a slide/playhouse for the backyard, he helped assemble it and had a great time expending energy on that. That is the goal every day, help him burn off all that energy! He can go and go and go!

On a sadder note, our local paper here is the Stars & Stripes which obviously puts the military news on the front. 8 soldiers based in Germany were killed a day or two ago, all of them in units that were already due home but got their year tour extended by 90 days. And some horrible photos of dead Iraqi children got the front page. While it is impossible to forget about the war with all the coverage, our paper really brings it home sometimes. The post we are closest to has the majority of their soldiers just beginning their year in Iraq, so the emptiness is a constant reminder of them. Everyone has their own feelings about the war, but all of our energy would be better spent praying for the soldiers and Iraqi people, than debating the war. Just my opinion, since I have a blog I can put it out there!

No exciting plans for the weekend, Kenny has to switch the snow tires to summer tires on his car. (Sounds like fun, eh?) Tomorrow is a German holiday so no markets or fun stuff like that. It is their "Labor Day", or so I've been told. So, Happy May Day to all of you!

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