Monday, March 22, 2004

What to do with a giant bag of balls for the ball pit? Dump them in the living room of course! The dogs and Jacob were having a great time with them, they will eventually make it into the playroom where his fire engine/ball pit is. We are still unpacking, I do see the light at the end of the tunnel. Kenny has had to build yet more shelves, but we really have filled all of them. The weather was gray over the weekend so we unpacked and hung around the house, not a whole lot of "blogworthy" material. Kenny is starting his final week of fishing class, then he will be licensed. I have to say that this trip to Germany has been so much better than the last one, I guess because we came back to a place we knew. Not so much of the getting used to everything, and trying to figure the simple things out. We know how to use the parking machine, that you have to put a coin in the shopping cart to unlock it, that there is more to German food than schnitzel, and while some Germans can be intimidating, they are really very friendly and happy to help. The shops are always friendly, Jacob has gotten more free food when we are out shopping! At the metzgerei (meat market) he gets "gelbwurst", at the fruit stand he got a banana, at the bakery he got a little cheese puff. And then of course there's always the candy they are giving him. It's a nice gesture and makes us feel welcome!

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