Monday, March 15, 2004

Well, we still have quite a few boxes left to unpack, but we have done most of the main boxes. We had beautiful weather this weekend so it was hard to stay in and work. We managed to get outside quite a bit, and went for some nice walks around the neighborhood. Jacob helped Kenny build some of the furniture, he thinks he is "Bob the Builder" it seems. Here he is helping out, he has his assistant trapped in the closet with him.He is actually pretty good with a screwdriver, you would be surprised. Kenny started his fishing class tonight, it is a 2 week class to get your German fishing license. Yes, two weeks on fishing, 5 nights a week. A lot of it centers around being kind to the fish and the bait. Things like you can't use minnows as bait because it is cruel, and you must kill the fish immediately. There is a nice lake that is at military rec area here in town, it is well stocked from what Kenny hears. So once he gets his license he can see what they have in there.

Jacob and I decorated one of the bushes outside with Easter eggs this afternoon, it looks Eastery is about all I can say for it. Jacob thinks it's pretty cool though. While we were out there we saw a lot of our neighbors, everyone is out enjoying the mild weather. I wonder how long until we get another snow, it is too early for this to be the real "spring" I think.

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