Wednesday, March 03, 2004

Well, just so you know I am still updating the blog I thought I would add a short post. Nothing too exciting going on here, just normal day to day life. I did check out the PWOC meeting at the post and it seems really nice, lots of ladies involved in it. Word from "Michael" at ETSA is that our household goods should be delivered next week, they are working their way off the ship and through customs. Snow off and on, and sunshine off and on -- A nice mix I think. We got our SOFA (Status Of Forces Agreement) official document today, it means we are legal to be here, and come and go as we please. Jacob even got one, I guess just in case he is traveling without us LOL I've been telling everyone how quiet it is where we live, very peaceful. I spoke with a gate gaurd at post that happens to be my neighbor and he said "wait until summer, it is not quiet at all" So now we are wondering what summer is like here? Are they really going to be that loud? Or maybe it's just him - we'll have to wait and see what summer brings......

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