Saturday, March 27, 2004

We went to Dinkelsbuehl today, it had an Easter Market going on. It is a walled city similar to Rothenburg O. d. Tauber if you are familiar with that. Very beautiful, and not to far from the house. A nice drive to get there, through a lot of little towns, woods and green fields. There was a lot to look at and buy! I got a basket from a man that was sitting there making them, and a pretty wreath for the front door. There was a fellow using a chainsaw to carve wood, and some animals for the kids to look at. We also walked through a little of the town, and visited St. Georges Minster church, it was breathtaking.

Here is a link to go see the pictures, there are too many to put on the blog.
EasterMarket Pics
The blog doesn't have the capacity to hold a ton of photos so this will be a better place if there are quite a few pictures. When you go to the page, if you want to see a photo bigger just click on it, also be sure to click on the "next page" button, there are a few pages. The link above will take you directly to the Easter Market photos, the link on the sidebar of the blog (Photo Albums) will take you to the main page, and you can choose the album you want to look at. As time goes on there will be more and more albums. Enjoy the photos, without experiencing the chilly weather, it was still quite cold out!

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