Sunday, March 07, 2004

Over the weekend we went to Belgium to check out our favorite antique market in Tongeren. We went a few times when we were here before, and we wanted to see if it was still as good as we remembered. Saturday morning we headed out of Wolframs-Eschenbach with a couple inches of snow on the ground and more coming down, and dropped the dogs off at the Hundepension with Frau Krut (who treats them much better than they are treated at home). Then we hit the autobahn amid quite a bit of snow and slush. We stopped after a while for a snack and to stretch our legs, it was a very snowy rest stop. Then back on the road we went. It was a long trip up, and we got lost in Maastricht (Holland) but made it on into to Belgium and Tongeren and got a room at a great hotel. We had stayed there once before, it is basically right in the middle of the market. It was still sprinkling and cold so we ordered some food from the hotel downstairs. A "Croque Monsieur" and a "Croque Hawaii" which were grilled ham & cheese sandwiches, the Hawaii having pineapple also. Served with a little salad which Kenny promptly declared too fancy, although Jacob and I enjoyed it. Then we settled in for an early wakeup the next morning, since they start setting up at 4am right outside our window! Here are Kenny & Jacob hanging out in the room

We were up early and although it was still sprinkling there were a ton of vendors set up, I took a picture out of our hotel window before we headed out to look around.

We saw quite a bit of stuff, some really pretty and some really horrible but didn't linger too long due to the weather. The market was set up by some of the old Roman walls, Jacob thought those were pretty cool. He climbed up the hill and attempted to climb the wall!

Our find of the day was a gateleg table and some windsor style chairs, which will serve as our dining room table. Kenny managed to get it all in the back of our truck, and we were off again. If the weather would have cooperated we would have hung around a little longer, but Jacob was muddy and it seemed to be getting colder. Off we went, a different way home than the route we took there. Much more to look at on the way home, and the rain stopped so it was a better drive. When we stopped at a rest stop on the way home Jacob was playing in the kids area and hung out with a little girl from Holland, she was really cute. They really just stared at each other but it was cute!

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