Wednesday, March 10, 2004

Our household goods are being delivered Friday morning! Hooray! I can't wait, then we can really get settled in. Today Jacob went to a "Moms Day Out" playgroup for a few hours and I found some cheap "Kleiderschranken" (clothes closets) at a new store that just opened. One for the entryway, one for our room, and one for Jacob's room. They are cheap because you have to assemble them yourself, Kenny is going to be thrilled when he sees them (he's been assembling furniture since we arrived I think). And some orchids to set in the window, to add a little life to the house. (as if Jacob doesn't add enough!) Also some easter eggs to decorate the trees outside, you see a lot of that around here. I guess everyone is so excited to have spring coming, they really go all out. We will probably do it this weekend, and we'll take some pictures. The table we bought in Belgium is perfect, just what we needed. So no more dinner served on the floor, it's much easier to fend off the dogs when you sit at a table. Cross fingers that all of our stuff arrives and is in decent condition!

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