Wednesday, March 17, 2004

Jacob and I took the train to Nurnberg again today, the weather was awesome and on Wednesday it's market day. (Like Saturday, although a little smaller.) We picked up some flowers and some herb plants, some of the biggest basil I've ever seen. And some huge strawberries - they are easily 3 or 4 times the size of "average" strawberries. Kenny thinks they must put something weird on them to make them grow so big. Jacob had an ice cream - they have lots of gelati stands here, which is an Italian version of ice cream. It's not as "milky" as American ice cream, but the flavor is stronger. All of the cafes had tables out in the squares, it was so neat. There were lots of street musicians out too, this link is to one of them. It is just a 5 second sample attached with a still picture of Jacob watching them. (dial up may take a minute to load) Music and Photo of Street Musicians They were from Russia, as I found out when he tried to sell me one of their CD's. It was really bustling down there, you could tell everyone was out just soaking up the sunshine. Our thermometer at home was close to 80 degrees by the late afternoon, I could hardly believe it. After Kenny came home and left again for Fish School, Jacob and I took the dogs out for a walk, we met some more of our neighbors who seemed very friendly. This really seems like a nice neighborhood!

Oh, and I have managed to put off more unpacking, it just doesn't seem important when the weather is so nice. So this room I'm in now is full of boxes, but there is always tomorrow to go through them!

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