Sunday, February 22, 2004

We took Jacob on his first train trip on Saturday and he really liked it. We went to Nurnberg, which is only about 30 minutes by train. We rode on the RB (Regional Bahn) which is the slow train that stops in all the little towns between here and there. It's a quick drive to Nurnberg, but the train in more fun, and you get off right in the city center. Here are Kenny and Jacob checking out the trains.

And enjoying the ride!

On Saturdays there is always a market downtown with meat, fruits & veggies, flowers, cheeses, breads etc. But this weekend is Fasching (carnival) so they also had a little fest going on down there. Much like a small fair. So more food than usual and lots of rides, which Jacob thought was great. He went on most of the kiddie rides, and ate some bratwurst. There are some beautiful sights down there, here is one of the churches. It is St. Lorenz (Church of St. Lawrence) Built c. 1250-1477. I know I have a book on it coming with our household goods that has more info regarding it's history.

We had a nice time although it was a little cold. I bought some beautiful flowers to help brighten up our place. Little by little it's beginning to feel more like home! We stopped to use the "toilet" before we got back on the train, rather than use the regular bathrooms we went here

And it was as promised, very clean. but it cost 1.10 Euro ($1.43) to use a toilet, and half that for the mens urinal. Seems a bit steep to me, even if they clean the stall after every person. There is an automatic turnstile to enter, you put your coins in the slot and it unlocks and lets you in. Look for a door with a green light and you're set! Very busy in there, they even offer showers (those cost more). So it's a popular place!

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