Tuesday, February 17, 2004

We are settling in nicely here, it's finally beginning to feel more like home, or at least like home with no belongings! We did find a couch this weekend, so that makes things more comfortable. We were quite pleased to find a place to live that already had a kitchen and light fixtures? Why is that you ask ----- well normally German apartments do not have those things, you must put them in. So we actually have a nice kitchen with big countertops and cabinets and even a dishwasher. And the previous tenant left the light fixtures as well, they are all very nice. Even some ceiling fans which will be great in the summer. Our next project is satellite TV, because while I don't miss TV in general, I'm getting a little frantic for some live news. We think we are going to get British TV rather than the Armed Forces Network, it has more variety. And FOX News!!! We really don't have anything "blog-worthy" to put in, just normal setting up the household things. All of the manuals for the freezer, washer, and dryer are in German, so that has led to some confusion. But so far the food is still frozen and the clothes look clean...... what more can you want? Here is a picture of the town of Wolframs-Eschenbach, we took this while out for a walk, about a block from the house.
And a closer shot of the church tower

We can hear the bells when the windows are open, it's a very pleasant sound. Hopefully we will have a more interesting end of the week so the blog will be a little more exciting!

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